Mazatlan “Olas Altas” area recovers some parking spaces


The bike path continues, the municipality rescues 23 parking spaces and 2 spaces for the disabled

Businessmen from the Olas Altas area expressed satisfaction with the recovery of parking spaces, which benefit their activity and the comfort of tourists and locals who walk through the circuit, which goes from Plazuela Sánchez Taboada to the Escudo de Mazatlan.

After the installation of the bike lane, sales in restaurants in the area fell by up to 35 percent, even in December, being a month of high sales, a situation that was attributed to the lack of parking spaces.

The concern of the restaurant union was echoed by municipal authorities, achieving a redesign of the bike path attached to the sidewalk area of ​​the boardwalk, allowing parking spaces and spaces for the disabled.

Cristian Arce, a businessman in the area, highlighted the action, which benefited cyclists, tourists and restaurateurs, as they will be able to make better use of the roads and spaces in Olas Altas.

“I think that trying to solve those issues that concern everyone, we found this solution to make them coexist in harmony, motorists, cyclists, even if they do not come to the restaurant, it was an effort with the help of the authorities to recover the space, but not it is a private space ”, he specified

The request was always in that sense, he said, to preserve the bike lane and protect cyclists with a different line and leave an area for parking vehicles, so that it is easier for people to arrive and park, and on the other hand protect the roads. Investments made by individuals have improved the image of Olas Altas.


The Mazatlan Post