Do you intend to travel with your pet on the Chepe train? Learn what type of pets can travel


The company establishes strict measures on the travel of animals on the train, so before planning the tour with your dog or another type of pet, first check the provisions

Sinaloa.- One of the most spectacular trips you could do is the one that leaves from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, and goes to the state of Chihuahua via train, and the Chepe is the one that would move you to the destination of your choice at one of its several stops through the towns with the most spectacular landscapes. 

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And what better way to think about making this trip with your pet, since he is also a member of the family and of course he deserves it, however, the railway establishes strict measures on the travel of pets. 

At the outset, it indicates that it is forbidden to travel aboard the passenger train with any type of animals, except guide dog, which must carry an authorization issued, signed and stamped by the Tourism Management, which must be processed in advance, at the at least 15 days before the trip, by sending an email with the information that proves that you will be traveling with a duly certified guide dog, to the address

A guide dog or service dog is a dog trained to guide those with severe visual impairment. These pets can travel for free as long as they accompany their owners and are correctly identified through the documents that support their certification.

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Chepe’s instructions on the guide dog trip 

1. Service dogs must comply with all regulatory hygienic and sanitary conditions, in addition to being duly certified as such.

2. Only one dog per passenger with severe visual impairment is allowed.

3. Only one dog is allowed per car.

4. Service dogs less than 4 months old or in lactation, sick, dead, violent or pregnant females are not accepted.

5. It must not exceed 45 kg in weight.

6. The service dog must always be under the control of the owner during the entire journey and must travel at his feet, without invading central corridors.

7. It is not mandatory for the service dog to travel in a cage, as long as it is on a muzzle and leash throughout the trip, which may not be extendable or greater than a meter and a half, to facilitate control by its owner at all times.

8. If necessary, the dog must be fed and hydrated only in the bathroom and it must do its hygienic needs in it, the owner must clean and dispose of the remains in a closed plastic bag and deposit it inside the garbage container located in bathroom.

9. Chepe Express and its staff, in certain cases, reserves the right to limit transport or request a change of seat or car, when any of the passengers so request, or move them from their seats in the event that the dog, due to its size, obstructs the passage, normal passenger.

10. In no case may the dog get on a seat, chair, bench or table in any of the cars. It must always remain next to the feet of its owner in such a way that it interferes as little as possible with the rest of the passengers.

11. The owner agrees to pay for any destruction or damage that the dog makes to the detriment of the train’s furniture or the facilities, immediately and in cash or with any other authorized form of payment, at the consideration of the Assistant Manager onboard the Chepe Express.

12. In the event that the dog physically damages another passenger during the journey or within the company’s facilities, the owner of said dog must resolve the situation with said passenger and compensate him financially if he so requests. Ferromex / Chepe Express or its staff will be responsible for any arrangement that occurs between them.

13. Due to hygiene, you will not be able to enter the restaurant, bar, or terrace with the dog even when you buy a First Class or Business Class ticket. In those cases, you can only eat your food at your designated seat.

El Chepe en Chihuahua - Viajes Info To Go

Furthermore, Ferromex indicates that it will not be responsible for:
• Illness transmitted or suffered by the dog on board the train or in its facilities.
• Loss of the dog on board the train or in its facilities.
• Death or accident of the dog suffered on board the train or in its facilities.
• Transfer in case of death or accident of the dog suffered on board the train or in its facilities.

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Now that you know, remember that only guide dogs can travel on the Chepe Express, so if your pet does not meet this requirement, they must stay home and miss the next trip you make.