Police officer Vicky was honored with a mural in Guadalajara, where she was murdered earlier this month



Vicky, we will always remember you! Is the name of the art work by Alejandra Poiré.

Victoria Isabel Sánchez Torres, a Guadalajara police officer, who lost her life shot by criminals on April 5 when she was on duty, was immortalized in a mural. The work was painted by the Jalisco artist Alejandra Poiré.

The municipal president of Guadalajara, Eduardo Fabián Martinez Lomelí, recognized that Vicky is an example of dedication and excellence at her work.

Vicky, who was one of the corporation’s most beloved officers, heroically lost her life in the line of duty three weeks ago in the streets of the Jalisco state capital.

A commemorative plaque will be placed shortly, with thoughts from her companions for the existence and work of the inspiring police officer. The mural is located on one of the pillars of Line 3 of the Light Rail, on Revolución Avenue at the corner with Río Nilo Street.

It should be remembered that the officer from Guadalajara was shot by a couple of criminals, unfortunately the bullets hit her and she died. She orphaned a 12-year-old girl.

The Guadalajara City Council will be in charge of granting the girl a scholarship for her education up to the University and all the posthumous employment benefits contemplated by the Law.

Source: Reforma

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