Tourist robbed on a bus and stranded in Mexico


My name is Roselyne Mamet. I’m a retired South African who has been robbed and stranded in Mexico today, 25 April 2021.  I am absolutely devastated and I don’t know how I’ll recover from this life shock that has left me emotionally and financially scarred.

 Please watch this video that my daughter uploaded today. It explains everything in detail:

I came to Mexico to visit my daughter who works in a small village here. However, just a few days into my trip, a professional thief stole everything from my wallet while I was on a night bus last night: my passport, my credit cards, and 2500 USD.  The thief has since tried to use my credit cards which have luckily all been blocked. 

As soon as I realized I had been robbed this morning, I went directly to the police to make a statement. Police Report Case Number: FGE/QROO/BJ/04/7558/2021

However, it appears that they can do very little to help me or to track the thief down. 

I feel so stupid for having had so much money on me, but I had brought it to Mexico to help my daughter who earns very little here and to pay my way while I am here for just under two months. I know for some people 2500 USD might not seem like a lot of money or the end of the world, but for our little family, it is a huge knock that we are unable to recover from on our own. 

The process of traveling to and from the Embassy in Mexico City to apply for a new passport will in itself cost hundreds of dollars which I am dreading as I do not have the finances to cover this. If I can at least recover the 2500 USD that was in my wallet, I can have this heavy weight lifted off my shoulders. 

I have never felt so violated and disappointed in humanity as I do at this moment. This is why I have turned to GoFundMe. I hope that with your help, I can get back on my feet and be able to cover the expenses I am incurring being stranded in Mexico and trying to get a new passport. 

If you have the financial resources, please consider helping me get out of this horrible situation. I believe that there are good people in this world, and I really hope that some of you out there will be able to help me at this low point in my life. 

Thank you for your support and care. I hope to pay it forward some day when I’m able. 

Please feel free to contact my daughter on Facebook as she is the one who has encouraged me to reach out to the world for help. Her name is Claudia Mamet.


Police Declaration


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Police Report Reference Number


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