Mexicans prioritize traveling instead of falling in love


Booking did a survey and revealed that and other travel preferences in the pandemic

What is your priority right now? According to a travel platform, the Mexican travel community has as its first plan to go on vacation once it is safe to do so, while other goals such as finding true love, buying a new car, or getting a promotion at work, went to the background.

Well, according to Booking, going out and discovering Mexico and the world are things that travelers miss. “The global travel community recognized that not being able to travel in 2020 as they used to in previous years has had a significant effect on their well-being: 40% report a negative impact on their mental health and 44% have felt trapped in their own home due to travel restrictions ”.

Some of the percentages that this company shared based on their analysis are:

63% say travel is more important now than before the pandemic.

69% of the traveling community said they would rather go on vacation in 2021 than find true love.

53% will prioritize traveling over owning a new car.

41% will prefer getaways over getting a promotion or recognition at their job.

68% of those surveyed have taken advantage of having more time at home to plan future trips.

58% have accumulated more vacation days, so they are excited about taking longer vacations in the future.

57% yearn to travel to the beaches.

26% say the first type of trip they will take when it is safe to do so will be to relax on a sunny shoreline or in a spa.

6% will do various activities on one trip.

3% will choose an urban destination.


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