Puerto Vallarta tourism officials complain about street vendors at the plaza


The director of Municipal Tourism, Ramon González Lomelí, denounced the damage to the visual image of handicraft vendors in the municipal plaza of Puerto Vallarta.

A merchant settled in the middle of the Municipal Presidency’s corridor for more than 15 years, which at the time generated protests from merchants established in the center of the city, considering them unfair competition in a public and privileged space.

Far from removing that semi-fixed position, in subsequent administrations two were increased; one at the door of the mayor’s office and the third next to a planter in the middle of the square, where tourists take a souvenir photo, with the emblematic parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the background. 

Handicraft vendors in the municipal square

The municipal official investigated the issue and found that they had been authorized for an alleged altruistic purpose. He clarified that it does not depend on his area, being Regulations, Register and Licenses, who carry his application and where they previously obtained the respective permit. 

“From the beginning, we spoke with the engineer Arturo Dávalos, at the time, and he told us that it was a social task, both for people who are deprived of their freedom, and I think other people are helping them because they suffer from some disease and it was a support, so I understand ”, he recalled.

Handicraft vendors in the municipal square

The lawyer, González Lomelí, regretted that this activity affects the visual image of the heart of this tourist destination.

“Unfortunately, tourists also sometimes complain that what they are selling are Chinese things.”

“The truth is that this is not my concern, but in the sense of the tourist complaints we have received it and we have spoken with them and clarified things, but hey, that is an authorization that does not depend on me and that I do not I participate in it ”, he reiterated.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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