Corporate offices may open at 20% capacity in CDMX


Mexico City continues with a downward trend in hospitalizations and most of the indicators show improvements, so the traffic light will continue to go “orange to yellow,” informed capital authorities.

Eduardo Clark, general director of Digital Government of CDMX, said that not only is there not a peak of the pandemic, but also a considerable reduction in the number of hospital admissions, with a clear downward trend.

“It is very likely that we will not see an important signal in the number of hospital admissions derived from Easter, which is very good news because 15 days have passed since the last day of Easter, not only do we not see a peak but a considerable reduction ”.

The CDMX government reported that, as of this Friday, April 23, there are 2 thousand 188 people hospitalized for COVID in the capital, the lowest number of hospitalized in a full year. Of that total, 725 are intubated.

On Friday, April 16, there were 2,323 people hospitalized, for which there was a decrease of 205 people.

The authorities reported that next week activities in corporate offices will resume at 20% capacity.

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Office employees must wear face masks, maintain a healthy distance between people, sanitary filter upon entry, use of QR system, weekly application of tests and appointment schedule for people outside the building.

Eduardo Clark commented that it seeks to implement a permanent program once the new normal is returned so that at least 20% of the work is from home in activities that allow it.

The opening of public toilets and vapors at 30% will also be allowed.

Likewise, the outdoor city program will be expanded for business meetings and trainings and children’s parties, with a maximum of 50 people outdoors.

In addition, time restrictions are eliminated for all permitted activities, except restaurants that maintain hours of operation, meetings and children’s parties.

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