Woman dragged by man on motorcycle in Campeche (VIDEO)


Campeche, Campeche, (April 23, 2021).- A video taken from a surveillance camera recorded the moment when the woman walks down the street, while a man on a motorbike passes by her. On the opposite side, close to the frame of the image, the assailant – a man in a brown shirt and shoes, light pants, face masks, and a gray helmet – stops to check a cell phone that he takes out and puts back in a bag that crosses his chest.

Immediately, the subject approaches the woman, blocking her path, to immediately try to pull the bag from her; however, after a brief struggle, he pulls away and by clinging to the strap of the bag, she is dragged a few meters, to the corner.

The “mugger” continues down the lonely street, without the loot and without stopping or turning to look at his victim, who gets up apparently unharmed.

According to police records, the pandemic has triggered unemployment in the state, which has increased a wave of robberies of passers-by by so-called motor mice, individuals who assault aboard their motorcycles.

Source: Noticieros Televisa

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