Murder of Mazatlan real estate agent has real estate board demanding more security


They regret the murder of the independent real estate sale advisor that occurred this Monday

Mazatlán, Sin.- The President of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals of Mazatlán, Roberto Arellano Osorio, asked the authorities to reinforce security and to clarify the murder of Daniel “N”, who was murdered this Monday when he was exercising in the Real Pacífico sports unit and who was an independent real estate advisor in the port.

He also asked the candidates for the different popularly elected positions to pay attention to these problems so that they can improve their security strategies.

He commented that it is very worrying for the union that this type of high-impact crimes occur, especially due to a negative message that can be given from fate.

They are unfortunate events that happen to which we are not prepared to be able to look for a tool that helps us to prevent this from occurring.

Arellano Osorio

For this reason, he said, the authorities must be pressured to give a wake-up call in which they help us to be more vigilant, we need more infrastructure, a greater police force.

Arellano Osorio added that there has also been an increase in armed crimes, a situation that worries them because if the person does not bring money, the offender can immediately detonate the weapon, generating a fatal outcome.

He also indicated that added to this concern, Mazatlán is experiencing real estate growth and economic development that, in general, they hope will not be affected by the insecurity events that in the future can continue to occur if they are not stopped in time.


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