These are the 10 richest people in Mexico


36 fortunes make up the complete list of Forbes Mexico this year. The group of Mexican businessmen owns, together, 171.4 billion US dollars.

The health contingency due to Covid-19 represented a setback for the global economy, however, the 36 tycoons on the list of Mexican billionaires had an average increase of more than 20% in their fortunes.

We present you the top 10 of the list of Mexican Millionaires 2021; find the complete list in our printed edition on April 15th.

Contrary to the course of the global economy, which contracted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Carlos Slim’s fortune reports a slight increase at the beginning of 2021. In total, América Móvil has 2.7 million postpaid clients and 4.0 million clients by prepayment. Interconnection rates are a recurring theme in terms of América Móvil’s performance, since they determine its revenues.

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Grupo México had a more than favorable performance in 2021, that was practically the engine that propelled Germán Larrea back to second place on the list of Mexican millionaires. The good results were supported by better sales volumes and a better price environment.

The president of Grupo Salinas has increased his fortune once again. However, his positive streak has not prevented him from descending a place in this list, to become the third richest man in Mexico, behind Carlos Slim Helú and Germán Larrea.

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The adverse economic outlook does not seem to overshadow this millionaire. Alberto Baillères has regained ground and his fortune increased by 63%, compared to 2020, which once again places him in fourth position on this list.

Although it was a difficult year for many consumer companies, Becle ended 2020 with 3% year-over-year growth in fourth-quarter net sales and 18% year-over-year growth in net sales for the full year.

In 2021, Maria Asunción Aramburuzabala continues to be the richest woman in the country and the only one in the top 10 of the list of millionaires. She is president of the private equity firm Tresalia and the real estate company Abilia, which has developed more than 3 million square meters.

The Arango family stayed out of the spotlight after the sale of Grupo Cifra to Walmart in 1997; the signing of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States and Canada became one of the keys to Walmart’s expansion in Mexico.

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Despite all the difficulties that the pandemic generated last year, Bimbo was one of the companies that performed the best, thanks to the fact that it was able to take advantage of its global presence and reach, achieving a sales record.

Antonio del Valle has the challenge of guiding Grupo Kaluz, a conglomerate made up of Orbia, Elementia and Grupo Financiero Ve por Más (Bx +), amid an uncertain outlook due to the effects of the pandemic in the industrial and financial spheres.

With an advance in sales of 11.6% in 2020, Bachoco is one of the companies that will emerge stronger from the pandemic. The challenges in confinement were led by the prices of grains and soybean paste, which were offset by greater cost efficiency and production processes.

Source: Forbes Mexico

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