Synergy with Japanese companies, key to the competitiveness in Aguascalientes


Aguascalientes and Japan have formed a very strong economic and cultural link, the Japanese productive projects represent a fundamental piece in the growth of the state because, in addition to promoting development, they provide a large number of jobs to raise the quality of life of the people of Aguascalientes. 

The Ministry of Economic Development met virtually with the Group of Japanese Companies in Aguascalientes (GEJA) to follow up on the joint work carried out with these firms to promote and strengthen the competitiveness of Aguascalientes and the whole region. 

During the meeting, the head of SEDEC emphasized the influence that Japanese companies have on the industrial and economic growth of the state, detailing that direct foreign investment from this country reached 602.9 million US dollars in 2020, followed by the United States ($ 198.9 million), Spain ($ 39 million) United Kingdom ($ 8.8 million), France ($ 5.7 million) and Sweden ($ 4.2 million), mainly in the manufacturing and trade sectors. 

The head of SEDEC explained that the 23 companies that make up this cluster, among which are: Jatco México, Nissan Mexicana, Sanoh Industrial de México, Unipres Mexicana, Riken de México, Molitec Steel, Obara México, Howa, Beyonz, Hayamizu, and Sunicall Power Spring and TF-Metal, contributed to providing 10,200 new jobs during the first quarter of the year, which is an important boost to the economic reactivation of the state. 

Source: Innovación Económica

Aguascalientes Daily Post