Six thousand students from 137 schools in Campeche return to classes on Monday, April 19


The Campeche Secretariat of Education confirmed that 5,972 students from 137 schools will return to classes next Monday, April 19th.

CAMPECHE, MEXICO (April 18, 2021) .- The Secretariat of Education of Campeche (Seduc) confirmed on Saturday, April 18, that on Monday, April 19, face-to-face classes will resume in the 137 schools considered in the Plan for the Mixed Staggered Reactivation of the Educational Services of Basic level.

The agency explained that in this phase 104 general schools and 33 of Indigenous Education will reopen, which together have a staff of 278 teachers and an enrollment of 5,972 students.

Previously, the 137 schools were cleaned and disinfected with the support of parents and teachers. In addition, their respective Participatory Health Committees were formed, and they were trained in specific strategies for the application and observance of health security protocols.

Meanwhile, teachers participated in a workshop to strengthen their socio-emotional balance in the current conditions of the pandemic with the intention of improving “the mobility of their resilient resources to optimize their work performance when returning to face-to-face classes.

The resumption of face-to-face activities will start with an official tribute at the “Emiliano Zapata” primary school in the Pimental II community, in the municipality of Candelaria.

Source: Proceso

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