Agua Blanca: hidden natural beauty of Hidalgo, Mexico

Photo: Agua Blanca (Elizabeth Hernandez)

Agua Blanca is a municipality with great natural attractions, ideal for those who love nature.

Agua Blanca is a municipality of beautiful natural landscapes, history, unforgettable views and friendly people who make you feel at home.

This community was founded in 1804 and was known by the name of “La turpentina” due to the existence of its wooded area and it was until 1869, when the state of Hidalgo was erected, that it began to be part of the municipality of Tutotepec and until 1874 the municipality is created, to later be named as what is currently known as Agua Blanca.

It is in this municipality, where you can discover a large number of crystalline water springs, an architectural jewel is located that is the Immaculate Conception Parish, which was completed in January 1890 and has six chapels that are located in different communities of the municipality, in addition to having the annual fair that takes place from May 3 to 6, and this period was chosen by the passage of Mexican and French troops in the battle of Puebla.

El Fortín is a construction that is located at the top of the hill of the same name and that was built in the 19th century, and served as a fortress for the Mexican Army to defend the liberal causes of Mexico under the command of Colonel Germán Gutiérrez, who fought in the French invasion between 1862 and 1867.

Visitors who enter this municipality can find one of the emblematic natural places that are part of the wealth of Agua Blanca, which is the Las Golondrinas Waterfall, which has a fall of almost 150 meters and is located in the San Pedrito ranch, Where you can walk through the ejido with one hour of travel, time in which you can appreciate the nature and fauna of the place, or go down by car to the San Pedrito ranch to walk half an hour to the waterfall of the last fall.

There is also the Los Jilgueros waterfall with a 50 meter drop towards a pool. On this site it is possible to camp.

Its wooded area covers hills such as Las Cruces, as well as beautiful cliffs and rocks where the sun embraces the place at dawn and in the afternoon, discovers the immensity and unique landscapes that this place gives, where the clouds and the sky put together to give a unique and unforgettable view.

You can also go fishing in the Agua Linda Lake, located in the Chichicaxtle ranchería, where sport fishing is also practiced and that is where you can take boat rides and practice some water sports. .

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