“We came to stay”: the alleged boundaries of the CJNG in San Luis Potosi and Cartel War


The battle for San Luis Potosí has ​​raged since the middle of last year and after the Gulf Cartel threatened the governor of the entity with which the state would burn in the last year of his mandate

After the murders of the leader of the Coparmex in San Luis Potosí, Julio César Galindo Pérez, and the PRI politician, Rodrigo Sánchez Flores , alias el Ferrari, an alleged report from the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) pointed out that his enemies of the Cartel del Golfo and Los Alemanes.

Next to a highway, where the sign indicating Potosí territory is, a command of at least 15 vans and just over 30 subjects carrying long weapons can be seen. Three of the hooded men hold a banner showing the alleged links between organizations that besiege the entity. Two of the crimes have shaken political and business society in the last month of March.

Meanwhile, the recording of three minutes and 48 seconds reviews clarifications, responsible groups, nicknames and threats against their rivals. In the first place, the probable emissaries of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, el Mencho, distance themselves from the execution of Galindo Pérez, who was shot on March 1 while he was in a vulcanizer.

As well as the crime against Ferrari , who had been free for 20 days after spending three years in detention for the murder of the political activist , Simeón Aquino Salazar, who was also shot on March 3, 2011.

Map of drug trafficking in San Luis Potosí.  Semar Information (Map: Infobae México / Jovany Pérez Silva)Map of drug trafficking in San Luis Potosí. Semar Information (Map: Infobae México / Jovany Pérez Silva)

A distorted voice- over narrates his version of who would be behind the crimes and points to Evaristo Cruz Sánchez, alias el Vaquero , one of the leaders of the Gulf Cartel, and Alfredo Alemán NarváezComandante Alemán, leader of the Cartel de los Alemanes.

These individuals allegedly sent José Pedro Bárcenas Martínez, Peter Carreteras, to plan the executions. It should be noted that this last subject was arrested in 2014, accused of leading a cell of drug dealers, extortion, kidnapping, and homicides in San Luis Potosí.

The differences, accused those of the CJNG, were due to the fight in the square of the State Center for Social Reintegration 1 La Pila, because in that place the Ferrari commanded the sale of drugs. In addition, that this subject enjoyed benefits in prison. Peter Carreteras would have ordered the murder of a custodian known as Jorge Luis Santillán, a probable Ferrari operator.

In the narco-message, José Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, Green Party candidate for the governorship of San Luis Potosí for the “Together We Will Make History” coalition was mentioned . The CJNG hitmen accused that the politician would be financed by operators of the Gulf Cartel.

The Mencho and Vaquero forces have clashed in the state and both groups accuse the authorities (Photo: Special)The Mencho and Vaquero forces have clashed in the state and both groups accuse the authorities (Photo: Special)

On the other hand, the criminal group points to José Guadalupe Castillo Celestino, head of the Directorate of Investigation Methods of the current Potosí Prosecutor’s Office, as the leader of the increasingly recurring, Ministerial or Ministerial Cartel. According to press reports, this would be a group of policemen of all levels who would dedicate themselves to illegal activities and would have emerged since 2013.

Rosalinda ‘N’ ministerial police who denounced the irregularities, suffered that her children Daniela ‘N’ and Carlos ‘N’, aged 18 and 20, were executed by a commando on November 11 of last year. According to the alleged members of the CJNG, the attack was perpetrated by colleagues of the agent and who would be identified as KikoMikeFuerte and Daniel Chávez.

“We are here to stay,” warns the group of hooded men, hence they launch a rosary of their objectives, known as TigreLoco, Joker, Polaris, in charge of Matehuala, and Carlos López, in charge of San Vicente; in addition to the sons of the German Commander ; Luis, alias el Mongol ; Checo Alemán, and Adrián Alemán; Commanders of the cells of Peter Roads, Lalo Salazar, Michos, JimmyGuachoFresa; as well as FuerteTata, MickyAhuecaCaballero and Marcelo.

It should be remembered that in November, the Gulf Cartel announced its irruption in San Luis Potosí, with the support of the VaqueroAt that time they threatened Governor Juan Manuel Carreras López , who was warned that the state would burn in the last year of his administration.

Since the middle of last year the CDG hung narcomantas against the CJNG (Photo: Twitter @ vigilantehuaste)

Since the middle of last year the CDG hung narcomantas against the CJNG (Photo: Twitter @ vigilantehuaste)

Previously, in early August, the criminal group released a video to intimidate security forces in San Luis Potosí. Among them, José Guadalupe Castillo Celestino himself, as well as the Secretary of Security, Jaime Ernesto Pineda Arteaga.

The announcer at the time identified himself as Commander Alfredo Alemán, but since November 2011, Alfredo Alemán Narváez, alias the “Comandante Alemán”, was detained by the Army in Fresnillo Zacatecas, alleged head of the criminal organization of Los Zetas in San Luis Potosi.

Since last July, Los Alemanes left narco banners against the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel. They were placed in the capital, as well as pedestrian bridges and squares in the municipalities of Villa de Arista and Moctezuma.

Reports from the Secretary of the Navy refer that the Gulf Cartel (CDG) is in 19 municipalities of San Luis Potosí; Los Zetas at 11; the CJNG at 7; and in 3 more there is a presence of the CSLPNG. In Salinas, the Taliban would operate with the CJNG and the CDG. But in Santo Domingo and Villa de Ramos he would be with the CDG. Just these three demarcations border Jalisco and Zacatecas.

The entity has 1,320 kilometers of federal highways that are distributed to the north and east of the country, therefore, criminal groups concentrate their operations to steal transporters, drug trafficking and migrants.

Source: infobae.com

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