Oaxaca’s miniature “quesillos” go viral on social networks


Mexican food is recognized around the world for its variety of delicious dishes, traditional ingredients, and cultural influence on the world; however, each entity has its own culinary customs. For example, Oaxaca stands out for its moles, its tlayudas, its tamales and the traditional quesillo (or Queso Oaxaca).

The quesillo is one of the favorites and most consumed by Mexicans, that is why a few days ago an image of these miniature cheeses went viral on social networks; users asked where these miniature queso Oaxaca could be bought, and the demand is big for this gastronomic delicacy. 

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Los Oaxaquitos is a family business that arose from the economic difficulties caused by the current Covid-19 pandemic and was consolidated thanks to the sale of typical Oaxacan cuisine products, among which the botanero quesillos stand out.

Their tiny size makes them a perfect snack for all occasions. If you want to try them, here we tell you where to get miniature Oaxaca cheeses.

The quesillo is made with raw milk or pasteurized cow’s milk, which indicates the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mexican Gastronomy. When the milk curdles, the cheese is stretched and rolled into a ball; the size and weight of the final product vary as desired.

Due to its ease of unraveling and melting, quesillo is a staple ingredient for quesadillas, tlayudas, molletes, or other gratin dishes. However, new ways of eating it have appeared over time.

Source: El Universal

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