The hotel and service sector in Oaxaca reports less than 35 percent occupancy for a disappointing Easter (Semana Santa) holidays


The president of the Association of Hotels and Motels, José Rivera, said that due to the covid-19 pandemic the desired occupation expectations are not reached, since most of the tourism is national, and very little foreign.

In Oaxaca, the hotel sector and tourist services report less than 35 percent occupancy during the Easter season, informed the president of the Association of Hotels and Motels (AMHM) José Rivera.

The businessman said that due to the effect of the covid-19  pandemic, the desired occupation expectations have not yet been reached, “we are still far below what we expected, which was 60 percent and we are only reaching 35 percent. ”.

Rivera said that the tourism that is arriving in Oaxaca is mostly national, and very little foreign.

“Oaxaca reports 90 percent of national tourism, 50 percent from Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Puebla, Chiapas, and other entities and only 5 percent foreign, many of the North American and the fact that there are many people on the street, it is because there are citizens of the city itself and the state who are taking advantage of the season to leave their homes, hopefully, this does not generate a third wave of covid-19 infections “.

He showed that, for example, in the face of the crisis generated by the effect of the pandemic, tourists are also spending less, “the average spending is 1,000 pesos per day when in better times it was 2,500 pesos.”

While the average stay is 1.5 days in the city and the rest of the visitors move to the coastal area, mainly to the beach destination of Puerto Escondido, which is capturing 45 percent of the stay.

He stressed that Huatulco has a reserved report of visitors because the highest segment that used to go to this destination, such as Canadians, are not arriving, derived from the closure of the international border.

Rivera also complained that the visitor who is arriving in Oaxaca is no longer occupying the usual lodging in established sites but is making use of online tourism, where there is a black market, and the places to stay are not adequate, “they are not formal sites do not pay taxes and lack quality services for visitors ”.

He recognized that as a consequence of the covid-19 pandemic, the tourist sector in Oaxaca has been dragged since March 2020, and accumulated economic loss of 5 billion pesos.


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