Durango-Mazatlán train would generate a positive impact say, Hoteliers

  • It is required to continue with the realization of tourist infrastructure, considered businessman Francisco Martínez Díaz de León.
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The possibility of having a train that runs along the Durango-Mazatlán route would have a positive impact on the state of Durango in terms of tourism, said the president of the Association of Hotels and Motels, Francisco Martínez Díaz de León.

The businessman indicated that, if this project is consolidated, it would have a favorable impact on the entire service provider sector, given that Durango is increasingly positioned as a tourist destination, but with this communication channel the state would be at the top of the list. tourist projection standards.

He said that at this time some actions are being carried out in the Center of the city, such as the underground wiring and new lighting, this comes to give a concept of tourism of colonial cities such as Durango.

Martínez Díaz de León considered that you should not stop investing in this issue because as there are more attractions in the capital, the number of visitors increases in turn.

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He said that it has been seen how in other places millionaire investments have been made in the tourism sector because what people are trying to see are new things, the changes that exist within the city, “we as Durango people often do not realize it, but the people who come from abroad, they look for new proposals and that is what is being focused on at the moment ”, he pointed out.

Hence, they are already working on the creation of the Cinema Museum and on how to improve spaces such as the Paseo del Viejo Oeste, which is what has made Durango position itself as a tourist destination, concluded the leader of the hoteliers.

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