Corpse found floating in waters of Playa Norte in Mazatlán


Unofficially, it was said that they had been searching for the body for over an hour

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- In the eyes of tourists, the body of a person was found floating in the waters of Playa Norte, however, the actions of the authorities were so fast that the vehicle of the funeral home arrived and left without anyone noticing.

What was a routine review by elements of the Aquatic Squad became the rescue of a corpse that floated in front of the Fisherman’s monument, issuing the report to the authorities around 2:10 p.m.

Those who attended the report were the Mexican Armed Navy, who transferred the body to their facilities, next to the pier on Isla de la Piedra. It is speculated that this decision was made because of the large number of bathers who were in the area.

Encuentran cadáver flotando en aguas de Playa Norte en Mazatlán

It should be noted that the actions of the authorities were so fast that at the time of transferring the body, the vehicle of the funeral home, in turn, left the facilities as soon as the discovery was known. Likewise, it was unofficially said that the body had already been searched for an hour.

According to unofficial data, the body was spotted by a lifeguard, who was traveling on a jet ski and immediately asked for support to recover the body.

So far the body of the bather has not been identified, but it was indicated that he was wearing black shorts, and as characteristics, it was detailed that he has a robust complexion, white complexion, and has a tattoo that says “California” on his chest. they appreciate blows to the face. The authorities are waiting for the deceased to be claimed by relatives.

The Navy of Mexico were those who arrived at the aforementioned place and it was said that they transferred the deceased to their facilities, awaiting the arrival of their relatives.


In the afternoon the municipal authorities announced the closure of Playa Norte, one of the most visited areas of the Mazatlan coast, due to the strong waves in four sections from the Valentinos to the Aquarium


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