16 things NO ONE told you about MEXICO


By Tangerine Travels

Thinking about moving to Mexico? Watch this first! You’ve probably learned a lot about Mexico, but no one has told you THIS yet.

If you want to get a better picture of Mexico, this video is for you. Today, we’re sharing 16 things about Mexico and life here that nobody has shared with you yet. Topics include:

– The true size of Mexico – The sinking truth about Mexico City (Mexico’s capital)

– Mexico isn’t as poor as you might think

– The full name of this country (and why that matters)

– What happens when you call yourself “American” in Mexico

– How many expats are living in Mexico

– The reality of motorcycles in Mexico

– Mexico’s deep history in ancient civilizations

– Why you can’t communicate with everyone (even if you know Spanish)

– Amazing diversity in appearance among Mexicans

– Why some prices might seem higher than you’d expect

– The most popular food among Mexicans (it’s not what you think)

– Why food will be different here than you’d expect – A helpful tip about driving in Mexico

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