Mazatlan firefighters receive donation from Santa Monica California


The units will go into operation for this Easter 2021 operation

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Mazatlán Firefighters received two extinguishing units that are donated from the fire station in the city of Santa Monica, California in the United States.

firefighters mazatlan donation units santa monica

The fire commander, Edgar Enrique Peinado Beltrán, said that with these units they will reinforce the actions against fires they carry out and will offer the elements more security and certainty by bringing a reliable team to act.

He stressed that the importance of receiving donations is that with these tools lives will be saved.

firefighters mazatlan donation units santa monica

Edgar Enrique Peinado, mentioned that as of today the machines come into operation to give attention to the emergencies that are required in the city and his first task is to participate in the operation of Holy Week, 2021.

For this reason, starting tomorrow, 3 points will be covered in the tourist area.

After the operation they will be assigned to the central station where it will be their base to attend to the emergency situation.

firefighters mazatlan donation units santa monica

The machines come equipped with hoses, hose accessories, axes, shovels, personal protective equipment, internal communication equipment between the lighting units, among other things that will contribute to the benefit of the population.


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