Thousands of littering vacationers arrive in Puerto Vallarta


The Easter and Easter holidays begin and with it the arrival of visitors from all over, many of them do not stop attending the tourist boardwalk of this city, as well as the bars and restaurants that are in it.

These days thousands of tourists and locals walk the tourist walkway of the boardwalk, enjoying the food businesses, and at night, the famous clubs that are there.

When morning comes, this avenue is full of garbage that people leave both on the street and in the flower beds. By taking a tour very early in the morning, we could see how throughout the stretch of the boardwalk there was a large amount of waste that was thrown during the night.

Glasses with drinks, fried food packages, pet cans, papers and more were recorded by the cameras of CPS Noticias .

We were also able to witness the amount of garbage bags that the municipal cleaning workers had already filled with waste and piled up to wait for the collection truck.

The sweepers start their work from 6 in the morning and thus keep this tourist site in optimal conditions, for this holiday season there is an extra shift for these public servants that begins at 3 in the morning, in order to try to keep the center clean historical, since the people who attend this site are many.

They tell us that the amount of waste that we saw today is small, on holy days the amount of garbage that will be generated can be significantly multiplied.

It is important to be respectful, to be civil, and not throw garbage on the streets, the Malecón has a considerable amount of garbage cans along its entire length to be able to dispose of waste.


The Guadalajara Post