Guerrero ranks second nationally in tuberculosis cases


Acapulco, Guerrero.- Through “investigations” and home visits in different sectors of the city, the timely detection of tuberculosis has been achieved among Acapulqueños, since the state of Guerrero occupies second place nationwide for people with this infectious disease, mostly women 35 to 50 years.

On the occasion of World Tuberculosis Day, which is commemorated on March 24 of each year, the Director of Public Health in Acapulco, Iran Pierre Trani Astudillo declared that this disease is curable and, thanks to the visits that are made in colonies, For the detection of different diseases, they have found patients with TB symptoms who are referred for the corresponding studies; if they are positive, they receive free treatment.

He highlighted that the symptoms of Tuberculosis are similar to those of a common cough, a dry and constant cough that does not have a predominance of hours. It also lasts more than two weeks, a month, or even longer, which increases the risk of susceptibility to people with HIV.

Ocupa Guerrero segundo lugar a nivel nacional con casos de tuberculosis /  Acapulco - Zihua Boletín Noticias

Trani Astudillo said that until last year there were 3,000 cases in the state of Guerrero, so in joint actions between the municipality, the federation and the state, it has been possible to reduce the registered index of one of the deadliest diseases in the world.

The director of Public Health urged citizens to become aware and go to medical units to receive immediate attention, where in addition to solving their doubts, they can receive free treatment.


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