Otomí Ceremonial Center: a contemporary architectural work to celebrate an ancient culture


The Otomí Ceremonial Center is a contemporary ceremonial site of the Otomí people located in Temoaya, State of Mexico, this center is used for ancestral and sacred ceremonies of the Otomí people. It has an area of ​​approximately 45 hectares and additionally has recreation and camping areas

Due to its high altitude (3,200 meters above sea level), it is used daily by high-performance athletes for high-mountain training.

It was inaugurated in 1980. It was created so that the Otomí people can continue with the manifestation of their beliefs and traditions.

Its construction was based on the ancestral Otomi centers, it was supported by former president José López Portillo and the former governor of the state of Mexico, Jorge Jiménez Cantú.

Every March 18 the Otomí celebrate the Fifth Sun, and on the first Sunday of each month, they perform a ritual to invoke the four cardinal points and give thanks to the universe.

The design and architecture of the Otomí Ceremonial Center are a creation of architect Iker Larrauri.

The Otomí ceremonial center is 34 km away. northeast of the city of Toluca by the state highway s / n, towards the town of Temoaya. The Otomí Ceremonial Center is located within the municipality of Temoaya, State of Mexico.

The Otomí Ceremonial Center is located at an altitude of 2,800 meters above sea level, enjoys a cold climate, and has the following wildlife: rabbit, squirrel, gopher, possum, harrier and other birds of various sizes and colors, white-tailed deer, peliguey sheep among others that are in captivity, there is also a pond where different varieties of trout, ducks and geese are raised.

Source: cepanaf.edomex.gob.mx

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