Mazatlan runs out of ambulances, injured have to be transferred in private cars


During this Saturday morning two motorcyclists in different incidents had to wait more than 30 minutes to be transferred to a hospital

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – For more than half an hour, two motorcyclists were on the ground who were injured in different accidents that occurred in the city, because there were no ambulances to be taken to a hospital.

One of the mishaps occurred on Bicentenario Avenue in the Francisco Villa neighborhood, the motorcyclist skidded and even though they requested an ambulance to be transferred to a hospital, it never arrived, the young distributed man was left lying on the ground in the rays of the sun for more half an hour and had to be transferred in a private car.

While the other accident occurred on 21 de Marzo Street, on the corner of Rosales in the Centro neighborhood.

This motorcyclist was hit by a car that was circulating on 21 de Marzo Street and upon reaching Rosales, he did not stop and took the motorcyclist who was circulating on Rosales with a tie.

The man was thrown in the middle of the road waiting for an ambulance to arrive, so more than 50 minutes passed and the ambulance did not arrive.

When asking Red Cross personnel about the cause of the lack of ambulances in the city, they did not report the deficit of these units.


The Mazatlan Post