In August they would apply sanctions to businesses in Mazatlan that distribute plastic


The director of Ecology and Environment, Lourdes Sanjuán, commented that in this period businesses have to make the transition from plastic to biodegradable material

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Grocery stores and businesses with surfaces smaller than 500 square meters, have until the month of August to finish inventories and adapt to the waste law, which prohibits the use of single-use plastics and straws, reported María de Lourdes Sanjuán Gallardo.  

The director of Ecology and Environment of Mazatlán said that the transition from traditional plastic bags to those made of biodegradable material will be regulated by the Secretariat for Sustainable Development, who are the ones who will deliver certifications to suppliers of similar materials.  

“They have this year to look for their suppliers and change to biodegradable material or avoid the use of plastics, until the month of August they can make that change and as of August 11 we begin to sanction and they are all plastics Hey”. 

The municipal official stated that they maintain an awareness campaign on par with the one that the state government maintains through Sedesu, that they are the ones who will be able to receive complaints and establish sanctions from the first ten days of August when I entered through complete regulations in force.  

He specified that in the case of Mazatlán, the municipal markets already meet the recommendations and have bags of biodegradable material, which speaks of the interest that merchants have in adapting to the regulations and adapting to issues of caring for the environment, where The same citizens also collaborate with the use of reusable or cloth bags. 


The Mazatlan Post