With salaries of more than one million pesos, the DEA offers three vacancies in Mexico


The DEA opened three jobs in Mexico and these are the requirements

The Drug Control Administration ( DEA ) opened a call for vacancies in intelligence positions in Mexico to combat drug trafficking. 

According to the calls, consulted on the official website, the DEA is looking for a program analyst and two supervisors specializing in intelligence investigation.

The vacancies were opened in early March after it emerged in January that 40 of the 50 agents who were formally operating in Mexico left the country.

The positions are for the Intelligence Group of Region 1, which includes Mexico. According to the information, the investigators would join said Intelligence Group.

The salary they offer for each one ranges from 1 million 947 thousand pesos (USD 93 thousand 907) to 2 million 531 pesos (USD 122 thousand 77) per year.

Requirements to work at the DEA

One of the requirements is to speak Spanish and English and have American nationality and applicants have until March 22 to apply.

Other requirements include a polygraph test, a probationary period of at least one year, a mandatory investigative specialist training course, and passing a physical examination issued by the Department of State. They must also pass a drug use test.

Applicants have until March 22 to apply for the vacancy.

Functions to be performed

Among the functions that they would have, according to the DEA page, would be the preparation and presentation of information sessions to representatives of high-level local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as foreign dignitaries “regarding difficult issues, complex and controversial drug trafficking ”.

Source: adn40.mx

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