Quintana Roo police crackdown on vehicle tinted window with large fines


The fine for not having the density permit is up to 3,000 pesos.

The State Traffic Directorate began a series of operations to identify and penalize cars with a tinted density greater than allowed, or that do not have permission to install it.

It was also verified that the vehicles carry their plates correctly since several cars have been found that use “plate covers” that make it difficult to read or have it hanging inside their car, which is illegal according to the Regulation of Transit.

The Traffic authorities reported that these operations will be applied constantly in the city of Chetumal, and in a first wake-up call, drivers will be urged to remove the tinting from their windows and windshields if they do not have the current permit to do so.

If the citizen refuses or is discovered committing the same offense, he will be entitled to a fine ranging from 800 to 3,000 pesos, with the option of obtaining a 50% discount if they pay it within seven days from when they were sanctioned.

So far this year, 27 cars have been fined in the capital for committing this type of offense.

For their part, citizens expressed their annoyance at the application of this measure, since they assure that the permission to polarize a sedan vehicle is 800 pesos for one year, almost double what the polarizing service itself costs.

However, the Traffic agents stated that this measure is necessary to reduce crime rates, since it is necessary that the interior of the vehicle is visible at all times, being that in Chetumal it is common for the applied polarization to be the darkest or darkest. mirror type, which blocks visibility.

Source: sipse.com

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