Mazatlan tourist accidentally run over at Isla de la Piedra


The accident happened on Stone Island

A tractor pulling a trailer traveling some tourists meeting Stone Island, ran over a woman in such transportation.

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The lady identified as Martha Cecilia, 58, is originally from Torreón, Coahuila, it was said that upon her arrival from the unit she fell and was run over suffering the above-mentioned injury.

Elements of Caresur were the first to arrive upon receipt of the report in the emergency numbers, with an impromptu fedulla the paramedics responded to the woman’s right leg fracture; lifesaving elements also arrived to support the transfer of the lady to Mazatlán, from other side of boarding awaits her the ambulance that took her to the hospital.

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Emergency personnel and the municipal police and transit arrived to attend to accident victim

Source: Impacto-Informativo

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