AMLO visits Mazatlán to inaugurate Urías II treatment plant


Jiménez Cisneros described the work that the important work will carry out, not without first acknowledging that indeed, the treated water will go to the Estero de Urías

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Blanca Jiménez Cisneros, General Director of the National Water Commission (Conagua), presented the work that for a month has been treating the sewage of 380 thousand 500 inhabitants of Mazatlán, which will be reusing organic waste in agriculture functions.

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, visited the Urías II treatment plant in order to officially inaugurate it, as well as the adjacent Urías I plant, for which Jiménez Cisneros described the work that the important work will carry out, not without Before recognizing that effectively, the treated water will end up in the Urías Estuary.

“With the Urías I plant we will benefit 72,500 Sinaloans while with the Urías II plant there will be 308,000 people, in total we are going to provide treatment services to 380,500 Sinaloans from the municipality of Mazatlán,” the official explained.

“These plants are also going to have two by-products; One is treated water that for the time being will go to the Estero but in the future, we will be able to think about reusing the water to be a more efficient use, and the sludge produced by the plant that will also be used for agricultural improvement and decrease the demand of fertilizer in a State where there is eminently a farmer, “he confessed.

Because these two plants will meet the needs of the inhabitants of the Pearl of the Pacific, he declared that he will “think” of closing the plant located on the slopes of Cerro del Crestón, taking advantage of the existing resources that will be used in the new plants.

“One may think of closing the Crestón plant with a policy of also recovering everything that this plant has to strengthen the other plants and with a comprehensive approach to be a use of this land for public benefit,” he said.


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