El Rosarios, Doña Félix “takes” advantage of Lent with her famous capirotada


She has been making the capirotada for more than 50 years, something he learned in the kitchens or restaurants where he has worked for many years.

Rosario, Sinaloa.- The arrival of Lent is synonymous with traditions, such as the preparation of the capirotada, which becomes a business for some women in the municipalities of southern Sinaloa.

Doña María Félix González, a woman who lives in the Alfonso Calderón neighborhood on Gilberto Owen Street, in El Rosario, is 70 years old and for 50 years she taught herself to prepare the capirotada, something she learned in the kitchens or restaurants where she has worked for many years.

She is a woman who has not stopped despite the difficulties of life. At the age of one, she was orphaned, she had the beginning of cancer a long time ago, for that reason they removed her womb, but her family and keeping busy in what she knows and likes to do, have given her the necessary strength to get ahead.

“Mamá Félix”, as her children and close relatives call her, begins to prepare her capirotada from Thursday, does all the procedure, and begins to cook it with firewood over low heat. She says that the firewood has to be well chosen, so that doesn’t smoke.

He has it on the fire for about an hour, he turns it off and on Friday he puts it on for another time, and it is ready to serve, then he fills half-liter containers, which he sells for 45 pesos. Many come to his house to buy from him, but one of his granddaughters also helps him with home deliveries.

In addition to the capirotada, she sells tamales, makes pudding, donuts, gorditas, fritters, she has worked washing, ironing and doing toilets, since she had to raise her seven daughters.

She adds that life is getting more and more difficult, because the supplies to prepare the capirotada or other things, are already very expensive, and to be able to “beat” it, he has to raise a little to what he sells, which over time has affected.

However, she feels happy and eager to continue working.

I am very proud of my daughters, they are all very good, and I am also proud of myself because I have always struggled to get ahead, and poorly, but we have done it.

Mama Felix

The gift that God gave him of preparing delicious snacks with his hands, he will continue to take advantage of it, since despite his age, he still feels strong and eager to continue in the kitchen.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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