Five generations growing coffee in Veracruz


Marisela Sampieri is a coffee farmer who is part of the fifth generation of an Italian family that migrated to Mexico and settled in Zentla, Veracruz, where today the Seven Hills Estate is located and where one of the three best specialty coffees in the country is produced, as part of an agreement with certified tasters.

Excited, Marisela, who in addition to being a coffee producer is a teacher, believes that currently, the coffee growers in the region of the central mountainous area are beginning to carry out other processes searching for better quality and more attractive international markets.

In the case of her family, she says that for many years they sold cherry coffee, but she was interested in specialty coffee, which requires more work and effort. This great effort was compensated in 2018, when their product obtained third place in the National Cup Quality Contest, Yara Champion Program.

For Marisela, achieving this recognition is not only a huge pride, she also believes that these achievements have motivated other producers to strive and put all their effort and resources to improve the taste in the cup.

“Reaching the goal does require time, care, knowledge, and collaborative work, since the quality of coffee in a cup depends on many factors, some of them not manageable”, the expert said.

However, he pointed out that, when it comes to coffee, there are many variables that can be measured and controlled. In addition, nutrition is essential.


Regarding the role of women in the coffee sector, she states that many women have the knowledge, but sometimes they are limited in certain situations and it is harder to take leadership.

Marisela Sampieri

From her own experience, Marisela Sampieri expresses that fortunately, the mentality of women is changing and the generations are different. She has the support of her husband and, and she runs her own business, taking her own decisions.

At Finca Seven Hills, 10 families work directly and at harvest time, between 80 and 90 people. In addition, the Yara Mexico company also contributes wit personnel.

She recalled that in 2018, his coffee was recognized for its tamarind and brown sugar flavor , as well as rated 85.

Marisela Sampieri explained that in specialty coffee, quality is taken care of in cultivation, harvest, selection, processing, storage, roasting, grinding and extraction to reach the cup with a distinctive flavor.

These are flawless coffees that receive 80 points or more on a scale of 100 from certified tasters.

Marisela will continue to work on improving her coffee excellence, together with her husband and children, who are still young but are already interested in the family business.

“The example we have to give our children is of work and dedication, in addition to perseverance, since at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic we did have a 30 percent sales reduction in roasted coffee, but now, we are in the process of recovery”, Sampieri stated.

As her life goes by in the coffee industry, as has happened ever since she was a child, Marisela seeks to be involved in different projects. Right now she is helping to promote the fifth edition of the Yara Champion Program, which is open for applications. 

“Think of it as an opportunity to make yourself known and access better prices in the national and international markets,” Marisela Sampieri concluded.

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