Bar closings hit tequila: consumption falls 4% in 2020


The recovery of the tequila industry expects that after the reopening of restaurants and bars, the consumption of the drink will rebound.

The “dry law” imposed in various states and the closure of restaurants and bars hit the tequila industry, which registered a 4% decrease in consumption during 2020.

“The expectation is that by the middle of the year, as the consumption centers begin to open, there will be a recovery; We know that tequila, especially in American countries, is more about restaurants and bars, not so much about houses. As the restaurants and bars begin to open, the recovery will be greater ”, explained Luis Fernando Félix, president of the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry.

Similarly, he estimated that the expectation of recovery in Mexico consists of an approximate growth of 5%, while for the United States it is expected between 6 and 7%.

The tequila industry produces an average of 330 million liters per year, of which two-thirds are exported, with the United States as the main destination with a demand of 17% of the total.

“It seems to me that the tequila industry had a good performance, through which this came (the Covid-19 pandemic), the sector was strengthened and the support we received from the government of Jalisco. It is an industry that did not stop; all the production plants were attached to a health protocol, “he added.

A few days after the National Tequila Day, which takes place on the third Saturday in March, in this 2021 tastings and various activities will be held virtually to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“The tastings and everything will be in a virtual way, we are bringing the experts closer to the people, who will give the specifications and how the visibility of the glass, the aroma, the flavor, the notes that each one has,” added the leader. of the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry.


Mexico Daily Post