Reported loss of 60 percent of hotel occupancy in Culiacán


The Head of the Association of Hotels and Motels in Culiacán regretted that due to the health contingency the hotel occupancy is 60 percent down, compared to last year

Culiacán, Sinaloa. – The head of the Association of Hotels and Motels in Culiacán, José Manuel de la Riva Flores, announced that the occupation of the sector has collapsed 60 percent, this due to the crisis that the Covid-19 pandemic has generated.

He pointed out that the situation in which the hotel sector finds itself is very difficult since they are far from reaching the sales and occupation they had last year.

“The situation is not really positive yet we cannot even get close to where we are last year, how low we are, 60 percent down from last year that is how we are in occupation,” he said.

De la Rivas Flores commented that with respect to the personnel who were temporarily sent home, 20 percent could no longer be hired again, for which there were many who were left without employment.

“I think 20 percent of the people left, they left, they were no longer hired, only labor, sales, as I mentioned it, collapsed 60 percent,” he added.


The Mazatlan Post