Authorities supervise the progress of Mazatlan’s Central Park


Osbaldo López Ángulo mentioned that the attraction could well open its doors at Easter, given that the work progress is almost one hundred percent

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- In a few weeks Mazatlán will see the doors open to the new face of what was the City Forest, now as Central Park, in which more than 212 million pesos have been invested for various improvements adjustments made for the enjoyment of locals and tourists, Osbaldo López Ángulo mentioned.

The head of the Ministry of Public Works of the Government of Sinaloa explained that Central Park brings an important change that will be integrated into the complex that includes the zero kilometer fields and the Sea of ​​Cortés Aquarium, as well as the Mazatlán Aquarium as a conservation center of species

“We can handle that we are already 97 percent of what the park is and well it was a supervision visit to see the details of the park, well we will see if it is going to be used for Easter, but it is practically already in terms of use”.

Authorities supervise work in the Central Park of Mazatlán.

He indicated that currently, the jobs are at ninety-seven percent, with work in what is gardening, in addition to cleaning construction material, so that in the near future, before summer it could be opening its doors, although that It will depend on the decision of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel.

López Ángulo specified that the adjustments that were made include walkways for the pedestrian crossing, bicycle lane, as well as large recreational areas, as well as some fountains that will be fed by the water of the lagoon, which is under analysis.

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