The penguins have arrived at the Mazatlan Aquarium! Come and see them this weekend


Mazatlan, Sin.- On Wednesday, March 4, 2021 came to the facilities of Aquarium Mazatlan 10 Humboldt penguins that are located in an area equipped for safekeeping, that when it opens what will be the Penguinarium ; revealed the director of Mazatlan Aquariuml, Pablo Gerardo Rojas Zepeda. 

He announced that it will be this weekend when the new attraction will open, which at some point will house up to 70 penguins; although for now, you will only have access to the first level that was built in what used to be the facilities of the extinct Tiburonario. 

In the same way, he informed that for this holiday period of Semana Santa and Easter Week it would be finished; which would be operating with a capacity of 400 people, with the same schedules as the Aquarium, although it will only have one hour to complete the tour due to the pandemic. 

“Yes there will be an extra but affordable cost, we are going to start with promotion throughout the month of March so that the Mazatlan people come, adopt them as their own … and I know that it will be like that with the penguins because they are fantastic and charismatic little animals, very friendly, and very active. There is no one who can resist them ”, said the director.

Rojas Zepeda commented that from the Tiburonario project it was possible to rescue up to 50 percent of the facilities that were damaged, which had a cost of 90 million pesos at the time, while in the Pingüinario it is estimated that 30 will be invested in its entirety. millions of pesos. Money that hopes to be recovered during the remainder of 2021. 

Source: Linea Directa

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