Campeche: Former director of the Ciudad del Carmen Police suffers armed attack and dies in hospital


CIUDAD DEL CARMEN.- Víctor Ausencio Aguilar Pérez, former director of the Ciudad del Carmen Police, Campeche, suffered an armed attack on 26th Street between 55 and 53 in the Electricistas neighborhood, resulting in serious injuries.

Hours later, the death of the former police chief was reported at the “Isla del Carmen” Naval Hospital, where he was urgently admitted after the attack.

The attack occurred when he was waiting in a vehicle for the green traffic light to enter Access 1 of the Industrial Port.

At least five shell casings were left lying around at the scene after the shots were fired at the vehicle of the Comprehensive Port Administration (API), where Aguilar worked as a security officer.

It was found out that at around 3:20 p.m. Gunshots were heard on 26th Street in the Electricistas neighborhood, where at least two hitmen attacked the driver of a vehicle that arrived near the Industrial Port.

One of the citizens even took off his shirt to try to stop Aguilar’s bleeding, who then urgently was taken to the Naval Hospital facilities in the area.

Both the injured person and the vehicle were sheltered in the Naval Zone, while the scene of the incident was cordoned off by agents of the Municipal Police, National Guard, and Navy.

The Deputy Prosecutor’s Office specialized in high-impact crimes arrived to begin the procedure of collecting evidence and taking photographs.

It should be noted that the attack occurred in broad daylight, in front of the Marine Corps facilities and the C4 cameras, but no detainees were reported.

Source: SIPSE

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