Sinaloa business chambers ask to participate in the Tianguis Turistico Digital 2021


The Tianguis Turístico 2021 will be held from March 21 to 24 digitally

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Representatives of the different business chambers of Sinaloa, regretted not having been taken into account by the State Secretariat of Tourism for the realization of the 2021 Tourist Tianguis.

In an interview for Reacción Informativa, the president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism in Mazatlán, Jesús Sandoval Gaxiola, confirmed that they have not been officially notified to participate in the event.

“Until now we have not received a formal invitation, we will try to seek rapprochement, because it is very important to be attentive to everything that happens there,” he said.

“That they take us into account, we are the chamber and we have many partners in tourism and it is important that we are all on the same platform to continue promoting the destination,” he added.

Identifican a profesionales para participar en el Tianguis Turístico  Digital 2021 | Noticias de turismo REPORTUR

The president of Canaco, Servytur in Culiacán, Diego Castro Blanco, also commented that they have not been invited to participate in the Tianguis Turístico 2021, to be held digitally from March 21 to 24.

For his part, the president of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism, Carlos Pardini, assured that they had only received internal information and that the event was lacking in organization.

Likewise, the leaders of the National Chambers of the Restaurant and Spiced Food Industry in Mazatlán and Culiacán, Miguel Taniyama Ceballos and Rodrigo Becerra, agreed that they had not been summoned by the Secretariat of Tourism in Sinaloa and that they do not know what participation they will have in the great event.

Likewise, Jorge Alberto García Félix, president of Coparmex in Mazatlán, assured that he has not received an official invitation either and that if he receives it, he will participate.


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