Mazatlan lifeguards prepare for Easter (Semana Santa) vacations


Lifeguards from different hotels in the city are being trained

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Lifeguards from the different hotels and water parks in the city of Mazatlán are being trained to be prepared for when tourists arrive at Easter.

The Commander of Aquatic Rescue, Gonzalo Magallanes Romero, reported that rescue courses are already being prepared in order to have the basic knowledge and be able to help those who need it during the concurrence on the beaches.

mazatlan life guards

“Practices are being carried out that is to work the entire respiratory and circulatory system, this serves the lifeguards when they make a rescue entry,” said the head of the rescue worker.

mazatlan life guards

That is why the lifeguards practice swimming approximately 100 meters to where a buoy is, they return, run and re-enter, this exercise is done three times, but all this work is in order that the guardians have the resistance to enter and exit quickly of the water without any problem.


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