Mazatlan Icon “Valentinos” will be revived


Entrepreneurs will invest 40 million pesos in a project to reactivate what was previously known as the Valentino disco

MAZATLÁN._ With six entertainment spaces, they will revive Fiesta Land, a project that was born in the 70s, and today it will be Punto Valentino.

Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, commercial director of Grupo Eleva, which will develop the project, explained that there will be six different spaces that will open in different stages, the first before Easter, Onaki Beach Club, next to a bar on the rightwing, the other section three months later, for summer, so that at the end of this year all are open.

The six business units are Onaki Beach Club, night club bistro, bars, restaurants, and brewery.

“It is a great dream come true, to be able to put our grain of sand in our City, in our Port, in an icon as important as Punto Valentino, I am happy to be able to illuminate this great castle that for many are dreams, anecdotes of us, of our parents, and so that new generations can continue to enjoy what Valentinos is, “he said.

Punto Valentino, is a project in which 40 million pesos will be invested and 350 jobs will be generated.

The investment, Velarde Cárdenas clarified, does not include the purchase of the building, only its remodeling.

The project is promoted by Grupo Eleva, led by Velarde Cárdenas and Jorge Lizárraga

Presenting the project were Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and the Secretary for Economic Development, Javier Lizárraga Mercado.

Benítez Torres pointed out that from the Municipal Presidency they are pushing with everything those who want to invest in Mazatlán, to remove the old from destiny.

“This is a place that brings us fond memories, when starting at the Frog’s and ending at Valentinos was the obligatory return, we have worked in coordination with Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel to turn Mazatlán into an unprecedented tourist destination, one one of the best places, rated by those of us who have grown up in Mazatlán as the best to live in and with many amenities ”, expressed Lizárraga Mercado.

The project developer, Jesús Vergara, pointed out that Fiesta Land will be transformed into Punto Valentino, which, in addition to the six different entertainment centers, will offer views of the sea, the boardwalk, gardens, fountain, esplanade and motorlovers.

That place, he assured, will be the center of national and international entertainment, with special guests, artists, influencers, youtubers, tiktokers and athletes.


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