Huatulco is one step away from being the most sustainable destination in the world


The Mexican destination will receive the EarthCheck certification, master level, in March and will become the first and only tourist destination in the world to have it.

Huatulco, the Mexican destination made up of 9 bays and 36 beaches, will obtain the international EarthCheck certification next month, a global organization that measures the level of sustainability in tourist destinations.

“Huatulco is the only destination in the world with an EarthCheck certification, master level, the highest in the world, since over the years we have met very strict sustainability indicators and of course we are complying with important health and safety provisions based on these indicators and this is exactly what tourists are currently looking for, ”explained Angélica Angón, Huatulco Sustainability spokesperson in an interview for Forbes Mexico.

Santa Cruz Huatulco (Photo: OEM)

The Mexican tourist destination will obtain the certification thanks to the fact that 100% of its electrical energy is clean, fed by wind farms, in addition to having adequate sewage treatment.

Huatulco has two beaches certified as the cleanest in the world: El Órgano and Chahué, which meet 100% of the 33 indicators measured by EarthCheck.

To achieve certification it was necessary to comply with adequate solid waste management, low greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, conservation, and management, as well as ecosystem management, which allowed the Mexican destination to surpass countries such as New Zealand.

Bahías de Huatulco

“We are going to obtain the endorsement of this certification at master level in March of this year, we are going to receive it because the evaluation for this year has been satisfactory and we are the only destination in the world to receive it,” added Angón.

At the national level, Huatulco seeks to obtain the seal of health and well-being granted by the Ministry of Tourism, in addition to having a Code of Customs and Uses that promote good environmental practices and in the current public health context, the use of face masks by inhabitants and tourists is mandatory.

“Huatulco’s airport has also been certified by EarthCheck, we are convinced that an important differentiator is health safety,” concluded the Huatulco Sustainability spokesperson.