A young man in San Cristobal assaults an elderly person for no reason, video goes viral


A young man, identified as Andrés Bonilla, pushed an elderly man to the ground in the streets of San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, an act that was recorded on video and went viral on social networks.

In the video, the young man is seen walking down the street while he is being recorded by another person, explaining that he is looking for a person to attack.

Moments later, he is seen as he pushes the elderly man, who was standing in a corner, from behind and the he can be seen cowardly running away.

Days later, the young man apologized through another video for attacking the older adult and promises to repair the damage.

“There is a video circulating on social media, about how I acted against a defenseless person. I am very sorry for what I did.”

“Through this message I want to apologize to everyone from the bottom of my heart, I will do everything possible to repair the damage that I have done to that person. I know it will not be enough, but I will work to repair that damage,” he says on the video.

He also apologized to his family and friends, as well as to all the people who were offended by the video. “To my family, my friends, and especially to all the people who watch the video, I hope you forgive me for the acts of immaturity that I committed, especially the people who were offended by the comments I made, it was never my intention to disrespect anybody,” Andrés Bonilla concluded.

Source: Milenio