Rates increase on Capufe highways in Baja California


Find out on which highways and the difference in the increase compared to 2020

Through a statement Federal Roads and Bridges of Income and Related Services (CAPUFE), it reported that the National Infrastructure Fund (FONADIN) adjusted the rates of the roads and bridges concessioned to that trust by 3% on average and requested CAPUFE, As an operator, that from 00:00:01 hours on February 3, 2021, the authorized rates are applied in the Collection Squares of each road and toll bridge of the aforementioned trust.

The rate adjustment is equivalent to the inflation registered in 2020 and meets the service requirements in the operation of the highway sections. For rounding reasons, there is a variation in the specific adjustment of the rate for each type of vehicle with respect to the average increase.

How much was the increase compared to 2020? Some of the highways are shown below.

  • Tijuana-Ensenada: The previous rate by motorcycle $ 59.00 pesos and by car $ 121.00 pesos, while the rate for this 2021 is $ 62.00 and $ 124.00 pesos, respectively.
  • Tijuana-Rosarito: 2020 rate was $ 19.00 by motorcycle and $ 39.00 pesos by car, while this year it will be $ 20.00 and $ 40.00 pesos, respectively.
  • Rosarito-La Misión: The rate on motorcycles during 2020 was $ 19.00 and $ 39.00 pesos by car. The current rates are $ 20.00 by motorcycle and $ 40.00 pesos by car.
  • La Misión-Corredor 2000 (Intermediate): Last year motorcyclists paid $ 17.00 pesos and this year they will have to pay one more peso. For their part, motorists paid $ 35.00 pesos and now they must pay $ 36.00
  • La Misión-Ensenada: The previous rate for motorcycles and cars was $ 21.00 and $ 43.00 pesos respectively, and this year both will have to pay one more peso, remaining at $ 22.00 and $ 44.00 pesos.
  • La Rumorosa-Tecate (Direct): Previously it was $ 42.00 pesos by motorcycle and $ 84.00 pesos by car, however this year it increased to $ 43.00 and $ 87.00 pesos respectively.
  • El Hongo-Tecate (Intermediate): A year ago you paid $ 19.00 pesos to travel by motorcycle and $ 39.00 if you went by car, this 2021 the rates will be $ 20.00 and $ 40.00 pesos respectively.
  • La Rumorosa-El Hongo: In 2020 people on motorcycles paid $ 19.00 pesos and $ 39.00 when traveling by car. This year, both rates only went up one peso, so the rates are as follows: $ 20.00 pesos for motorcycles and $ 40.00 pesos for cars.

If you have a truck or bus, we invite you to see the complete list of rates for this 2021 by clicking here.

The resources collected from toll roads integrated in the concessioned network are used to cover the expenses associated with the operation and maintenance. Likewise, they are destined to grant financial support for the development of projects in the sectors of communications, transportation, water, environment, and tourism, for the benefit of the population.

Source: sandiegored.com

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