Sinaloa second place for dengue cases this year


There are 58 probable cases and 6 confirmed in the first days of the year 2021

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With 58 probable cases, 6 confirmed and an incidence rate of 0.19, Sinaloa is in second place in the national table of dengue cases, according to the report of the Dengue Epidemiological Surveillance System of the Secretariat of Health, cut off to January 25.

At the top of the list appears the state of Colima with 8 confirmed cases, 89 probable cases and an incidence rate of 1.01, followed by Sinaloa, San Luis Potosí (with 5 cases, 22 confirmed and a rate of 0.17), Michoacán ( 8, 97 and 0.17) and Jalisco (11, 208 and 0.13).

It should be noted that in 2020 the highest dengue outbreak of the last four years occurred in Sinaloa, accumulating 727 confirmed patients and 3,140 probable patients, of which 462 were non-serious, 239 with warning signs and 26 serious.

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In 2019, 267 confirmed cases were accumulated, which represents barely a third of the 2020 figure. In 2018 there were only 107 registered cases and in 2017 there were 78.

It should be remembered that the highest peaks of last year occurred between week 39 and 49, with an upward trend from week 31, which corresponded from July 26 to August 1, until December 9, when it began to lower the incidence due to the cold season.

This year that begins, the municipality with the highest incidence of dengue is Ecuinapa with 2 non-serious cases and a rate of 3.25 per 100 thousand inhabitants; It is followed by Elota with 1 patient with alarm signs and a rate of 2.26, Mazatlán with 2 patients diagnosed with an alarm sign and a rate of 0.40, and Culiacán with 1 non-serious case and a rate of 0.10.

Photo: Rolando Salazar │ El Sol de Mazatlán

The head of Sanitary Jurisdiction No. VI, Andrés Sidartha Hindú, reported at the beginning of the year that the health sector will maintain the disposal, fumigation, and larval control programs throughout the year to avoid a new dengue outbreak during 2021 in Mazatlán.

Photo: Rolando Salazar │ El Sol de Mazatlán

He indicated that every week actions will be planned to cover those colonies where suspicious cases are reported or where vector fly densities are high, in order to reduce risks.

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