Puerto Vallarta prepares for a Tsunami


Arturo García Pulido, first regional commander of the Jalisco State Civil Protection Unit, reported that due to the maintenance work and adjustments of the “Tsunami Warning System”, this Wednesday four alarms will be activated randomly with real sound from noon for engineers to verify operation.

So the commander made it clear that it is not a drill, much less a real situation, it will simply be high-frequency and powerful sound emissions to test the warning systems.

“For the population that hears these alerts and coincide with the schedules that we are managing, we remind them that it is a test.” 

Likewise, on Friday, January 22 at the same time (noon) the alarms of the five coastal municipalities will be activated, including Puerto Vallarta.

“In Puerto Vallarta, we have 11 alarms and these are intended to be activated at the same time to carry out the general test of the system and it is important for people to know that in Puerto Vallarta we already have the activation capabilities of the system and before we did not have it, we depended on the activation of the South Coast of Melaque and now an activation console has been activated and now we are already testing the system for that because we will already have the ability to activate the entire system from Puerto Vallarta ”. 

He indicated that there are 27 alarms distributed in 5 municipalities that are: Cihuatlán, La Huerta, Tomatlán, Cabo Corrientes and Puerto Vallarta.

On the other hand, García Pulido stressed that there is no estimated time for how long these tests will last since that will depend on the success of each of the alarms.

So perhaps some alarms have flaws, that is why this exercise will be carried out, and he reiterated to the public not to worry.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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