Two Baja California Sur cities rank as safest in Mexico according to INEGI


Excellent news that despite the economic crisis, of everything that is happening around the world, 82.9% of citizens feel safe in Los Cabos, said Julio Castillo of the Coordinating Council

According to the survey carried out by INEGI that covers the months of October, November and December, the measurements that exist in more than 50 major cities of the Republic and that are done every three months, Los Cabos appears as the second city, with the lowest perception Of insecurity, only 17.3 percent of citizens living in Los Cabos, at this time determine that in the municipality, they feel unsafe, which means that 82.9 percent feel safe.

This is more than 8 citizens for every ten, they feel safe in Los Cabos, this is good news, that despite the economic crisis, of everything that is happening around the world, the municipality continues to decrease in its perception of insecurity, affirmed the president of the Coordinating Council of Los CabosJulio Castillo Gómez.

President of the Coordinating Council of Los Cabos, Julio Castillo Gómez.

He pointed out that this is due to the work of all the institutions, all the coordinated work of the institutions of the state government, the municipality, the National Guard, the Navy, Sedena, the intermediate organizations, and citizens who have understood that participating and reporting, doing the WhatsApp groups organized in the colonies, the work of the State Attorney’s Office, the fact that the impunity index has been lowered in Los Cabos very strong, the work of businessmen, all this cumulative for years working in that sense here are the fruits.

What follows is to continue working on the security issue, a permanent issue, it is very good news, we must continue working very hard all together, police corporations of the state government, municipality and that political changes in no way break with this trend, with the way of organizing ourselves, that the black thread is not invented, the work that is working is already being observed, he concluded.

It should be mentioned that the first place in perception of security is San Pedro Garza García, in Nuevo León, the second is Los Cabos, Mérida, Saltillo and in fifth place La Paz. 


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