Xochimilco neighborhood in Oaxaca prohibits photo shoots and these are their reasons


The Neighborhood Committee of the Xochimilco neighborhood argues that to preserve this popular point of the capital of Oaxaca and avoid damage to its properties, and also it does not look like street vendors.

Oaxaca de Juárez.— Neighbors of the Xochimilco neighborhood in the city of Oaxaca have sparked controversy in recent days due to various attempts they have made to prohibit tourism and the general public from taking photographs in the popular Plaza de la Cruz de Piedra, in the face of alleged complaints invasion and damage to private property.

This measure has unleashed various reactions and opinions on social networks, through which several people have expressed their disagreement, arguing that they are public spaces and that it is incorrect that the inhabitants of this emblematic point in the center of the Oaxacan city, famous for its beauty architectural, want to prohibit the realization of photoshoots.

The above given that this 2020 the city won different tourist awards at an international level and part of this is due to the experiences that tourists live in the capital, an example of this is the multiple images of this square that are presumed on social networks.

From a tour made by EL UNIVERSAL in the Xochimilco neighborhood, it was possible to verify the placement of these signs on some facades, doors, and flower boxes near the Piedra de la Cruz, with the express slogan: “It is forbidden to do photographic sessions”

In the place, Isaac García, president of the Xochimilco Neighbors Committee, affirms in an interview that these restrictions are not recent, they are from a time before, but they have gained relevance as this point has become increasingly favorite for users who like to share photos on social networks.

The neighborhood leader specifies that these warnings are only on a particular street, and they are not intended to prohibit visitors, but rather to avoid incidents due to different problems that have arisen from the photographic sessions, and which he prefers not to delve into.

What is defended, he specifies, is the respect for the privacy of the neighbors before some who in their artistic activity has come to obstruct the passage, or invade their spaces.

“This is a residential area, not a place like Santo Domingo, where there are no longer any inhabitants, there are only bars and businesses…; instead, here [in the Xochimilco neighborhood] families are living. All we want is to maintain our space, ”he said.

Isaac García affirmed that the Plaza de la Cruz de Piedra is a space for family coexistence, and this was stipulated with the municipal authorities when it was created.

In Oaxaca, he added, a lot happens with the holding of events, a lot of street trade arrives “the problem is that these events end and the street vendors stay. We don’t want that, we want to preserve the place ”. He even mentioned as an example that it has happened that among the same happens with professionals photographers that fight to occupy the space to carry out their photo sessions.

His point is that the photographic activity would be regulated under a schedule to put an order for the realization of photo sessions, because in the case of events such as parties of XV years, or weddings, he mentions, it is very common for people who do not respect the limits and agreements established for the preservation of the place, such as parking spaces, or noise regulation.

The prohibition did not stop visitors from continuing to capture the beauty of this neighborhood, as they assure it would not be the first time they would face restrictions of this type.

Cabir, a young man from Cancun, Quintana Roo, who took some photographs in the area without showing concern about the advertisements that warn of the restriction to do so, because he specified that it was not the first time he had seen them, and it would not be the first time that a neighbor came out to confront him for taking photos.

He related the particular case that he had with one of the residents of the Xochimilco neighborhood some time ago, a local artist, who on some occasion came out to tell him that his property was registered under copyright and for taking photos he had to report it to the police.

The man was very upset and arrogant, describes Cabir, who commented that on that occasion he told him to get a real job and that because of his activity the young man was committing “ambulantaje”, and that is why he had to be reported to the authorities.

After that event, the young man processed a permit in the municipality of Oaxaca de Juárez to take photographs in the Xochimilco neighborhood, and they told him that they would go to the place to check the signs that “prohibit” it, however, these are kept in the place, and when speaking with the president of the neighborhood committee, with Isaac García, he rejected that the municipal authority had granted him this permit, insisting that this has caused others to paint graffiti on the facades of the houses, to invade your privacy, or damage public space.

The capital city council is aware of both the announcements that prohibit photographic sessions and the request of the Neighborhood Committee of the Xochimilco neighborhood to regulate this activity in the area. So far they have not issued a position in this regard.

Source: eluniversal.com.mx

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