Mezcal Río Revuelto assemblage wins the Great Gold Medal in Brussels


Considered an elixir among mezcals, this spirit drink has been recognized as one of the best in the world.

Originally from the Miahuatlán region of Porfirio Díaz, in the southern highlands of Oaxaca, the mezcal Río Revuelto Ensamble won the Great Gold Medal, Gold Medal, and Silver Medal of the Spirits Selection Brussels 2020 world competition.

This contest – organized by the world-renowned wine and spirits magazine Vinopres – is an international event that rewards spirits from the four corners of the globe. 

Whiskey, cognac, brandy, rums, vodkas, gins, piscos, staples, baijiu, tequilas, mezcals and more are evaluated and classified by a panel of world-renowned experts. 

Each spirit is tasted through a very thorough and innovative sensory evaluation process. 

Obtaining a medal at the Brussels World Competition is an indicator of success for the producer and a guarantee of quality for the consumer. This award places the brand among the best four mezcals in the world. In addition, it was the only Oaxacan mezcal who was able to achieve the Great Gold Medal. 

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Río Revuelto, a mezcal with 46º of alcohol volume, is an assemblage of espadín and madrecuixe agaves. This brand has obtained different awards and certificates, such as the one from the Mezcal CRM Regulatory Council, which endorses it as artisanal.

In 2017, he won the Gold Medal from the Academia del Mezcal and Maguey. In 2019 it was part of a Guinness record awarded to Oaxaca for achieving the display of more than 369 bottles of mezcal in one place. 

In January, it obtained the Medal of the Best 33 awarded by Cava Magazine, which places it among the 33 most outstanding mezcals in the world.

In July, it achieved the Kosher certificate, which indicates that its consumption is suitable for the Jewish community.


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