Mexico deploys 500 agents on the southern border before the advance of migrant caravans


San Cristóbal de Las Casas.- Before the announcement of the possible arrival of a caravan of migrants from Honduras, the Mexican government this morning deployed around 500 agents of the National Institute of Migration (Inami) on the border with Guatemala to prevent the illegal passage of Central Americans.

The Federal Government added that the uniformed men and women stood on the bank of the Suchiate River, which divides both countries, one of the points that migrants use to cross into Mexico.

Inami delegate, Aristeo Taboada Rivera, affirmed that every day the Mexican government carries out activities to regulate migration on the southern border.

Despliega Inami 500 agentes en frontera sur ante avance de  migrantes

“Remember that a migration plan is being carried out here, for the development of the southern border; we are simply complying with it, ”he told reporters.

He stated that this morning 500 agents were deployed, although he clarified that “the entire plan is jointly carried out by the Mexican Army, the National Guard, and the health authorities; the three orders of government and the person responsible for this is the commander of the 36 Military Zone.

According to reports, around 250 Hondurans left the city of San Pedro Sula on Wednesday night, walking toward the border with Guatemala with the intention of reaching the United States.

The sources consulted indicated that for this reason, the government of Guatemala established 16 checkpoints in different areas of the country to stop the so-called 2021 Migrant Caravan that left Honduras last night.

Con drones, México vigila frontera sur ante posible llegada de migrantes  hondureños

They commented that the authorities decreed the State of Prevention in seven Departments that foresees the use of public force to avoid crowds and prevent Covid-19 infections.

Since it opened its borders several months ago, the Guatemalan government requires everyone to test negative for Covid-19 to enter its territory.


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