How to get to the Arc of Time in Chiapas (video)


The  Arch of Time “Arco del Tiempo” is a natural stone arch 180 meters high, one of the largest in the world located in the La Venta River Canyon in Cintalapa, Chiapas state. The canyon is an 80-kilometer-long canyon with walls up to 400 meters high and narrow at times as low as ten meters. In it, you can find waterfalls on its walls and viewpoints, in addition to the impressive Arch of Time.

In the La Venta River Canyon, there is the highest natural arch on the planet, 180 meters high, 255 m. long and 35 m. Wide. This geomorphological formation of more than 80 million years, joins several other scenic beauties of the landscape, such as the Cascadas de La Conchuda and El Aguacero. There are also more than 400 caves with planimetric visits of up to 13 km. Such is the case of the La Venta del Río cave, considered to be the second largest in the State of Chiapas.


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How to get to the arc of time in Chiapas

Location to the arc of time

You first get to Cintalapa, which is about an hour from Tuxtla Gutierrez and from there you go to general comfort Lázaro Cardenas and from there it takes another hour and a half.

Right away you will find the community guides who are the ones who know how to get to the arch

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To get to the arc of time

Afterwards, to get to this beautiful place, you walk about 8 kilometers through the jungle, it is approximately 3 hours.

You can do a bit on horseback, but afterwards the tour is done on foot.

After a long walk, you will reach the arch, and in order to go down, which is where the best views are, you will begin to rappel down.

When you get to the bottom you will find one of the largest natural arches there is, it measures almost 200 meters high and is approximately 80 million years old.

It is totally incredible and impressive to arrive at this beautiful place.

You can also camp, but the best times to do so are in February and March.

It has more views and places of beautiful nature, its water is quite crystalline, and there is a small place as if it were an island, it is beautiful. !!!


It is very important that throughout the tour you follow the instructions of your guide, and also wear comfortable and light clothing because you will walk a lot.

Cost of entry
  • $ 135
  • Guide + assistant (per group) $ 400
  • Horse per day $ 200
  • Rappel $ 500
  • Service to charge per trip $ 200

If you want to spend a pleasant quiet and relaxed moment, then do not hesitate to come to this place, because, even if the road is heavy, it is really worth coming to enjoy nature

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What Chiapas has for you, I hope and you liked it a lot, then I show you a video so that you can see these incredible places better, and some tips that will help you a lot.

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