Baja California Sur government rehabilitate desalination plant in Mulegé


La Paz.- The State Government, through the Secretariat for Urban Planning, Infrastructure and Mobility (Sepuim) and the State Water Commission (CEA), delivered the rehabilitation works at the La Freidera Desalination Plant, Mulegé municipality, which will provide drinking and quality water to the communities of La Freidera, La Base, Ejido Luis Echeverría, Campo Pachico, and El Cardón, thereby benefiting more than 380 inhabitants. “The commitment of the current state administration is human development, social and economic of the and the South Californian, of which this development and social advance cannot be conceived without first assuring the most essential thing to live as is the water ”, expressed the head of Sepuim, Erick Morales de la Peña.

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In this sense, he pointed out that during the 2020 financial year a resource of 2.4 million pesos was exercised from the Potable Water, Drainage and Treatment Program (Proagua 2020) in its Rural Section, with which the improvement of this desalination plant was achieved, It consists of a reverse osmosis method for seawater, with a filling system for jugs and disinfection using ultraviolet light.

They rehabilitate desalination plant in Mulegé

In this regard, the Secretary specified that with the delivery of this important work, a further commitment with society is made concrete, so that in this way more people have the security of having a quality service that will allow them to enjoy better conditions of Finally, Morales de la Peña added that the state agency will continue to work for the benefit of South Californians, for which he invited citizens to make responsible use of the vital liquid.


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